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Koloska Valley

Koloska utca, Balatonfüred 8230, Hungary

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At the beginning of the spacious, previously wet, flat area after Koloska-csárda, next to the gravel road, an information board with a map provides information about the valley. The wooded slopes of Péter-hegy in the east and Tamás-hegy in the west slope down to the valley. Péter Hill can only be climbed on a very steep road. In the spring, it is decorated with unruly orphan hair. In the autumn, when the leaves of the cypress turn red, the whole valley becomes extremely colorful and atmospheric. The road leading up to Tamás Hill starts from the beginning of the valley and is somewhat easier to walk than the other one. Then there is a gorge, where the rocks on both sides of the stream are barely 20 m apart. (In Turkish times, it was possible to close it here with a stone wall, and according to tradition, the inhabitants of the village fled here from the Turks. However, the settlement was already a wasteland by the end of the 16th century.) After the gorge, the valley widens again, a beautiful grassy pasture opens up on the western part of the road. To the north rises a lonely, island-like hill topped with white limestone cliffs.



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Koloska utca, Balatonfüred 8230, Hungary


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